Great Job, Internet!: This oral history of Good Burger reveals it was literally turned around in six months

Proving that you can never know what films will eventually become cult classics, 1997’s Good Burger has proven surprisingly resistant to the ravages of time, with Ariana Grande singing its praises and Jimmy Fallon reuniting the cast just a few years ago.

Sweet and relentlessly manic, the film follows doofy fast food worker Ed (Kel Mitchell, reprising his popular All That character) and his co-worker Dexter (Kenan Thompson) as they try and save their restaurant from takeover by a shady corporate chain. If you’ve ever wondered how the project came to be, you’re in luck—Complex just published an oral history of the movie with input from Mitchell, Thompson, director Brian Robbins, two of its writers, and ‘90s bombshell Carmen Electra.

Foremost among the piece’s many revelations is that the movie was literally approved, prepped, filmed, and edited in just six months, which, depending on your …

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