Great Job, Internet!: This oral history of Big League Chew is more interesting than you think

Hey, remember Big League Chew? Kind of? Cool. Here’s an almost 8,000-word oral history of how it came into existence. Wait, come back! Look, we’re well aware that a lengthy oral history on Big League Chew suggests that we as a society are racing at an alarming clip toward Peak Oral History—after which we face a devastating oral history crash that will end with emaciated Grantland readers combing the desolate, sun-blasted landscape for scraps of transcriptions of interviews with the cast of Samurai Pizza Cats. But the Big League Chew story manages to earn its keep.

Fox Sports subsite Just A Bit Outside has the origin story of the ersatz chewing tobacco, a staple of Little Leaguers since its 1980 introduction, as told by the people behind it. As it turns out, Big League Chew was the brainchild of two frustrated former Major Leaguers (one of …

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