Great Job, Internet!: This new video chronicles the history of film horror, from 1895 to 2016

How has the representation of evil, monsters, and things that go bump in the night changed over the many years of cinematic horror? One new video essay purports to showcase the genre in its many scary guises through the decades.

Diego Carrera has created “A History Of Horror,” which takes a sequence from one horror film per year from 1895 (The Execution Of Mary, Queen Of Scots) all the way up to 2016 (The Witch). It’s a great sampling of influential shots, haunting moments, and films that have stayed with filmmakers and audiences for years due to their chilling nature. Accompanied by the song “Camino” by Murcof, the selections may be debatable, but Carrera has done a good job of weeding out what has stood the test of time and what has influenced the genre over its many permutations. Prepare …

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