Great Job, Internet!: This mathematical formula generated a list of the 50 best bad movies

We all love the good bad movie—sometimes even more than a good good movie. There are days when watching Showgirls is going to cheer you more than another viewing of The Aviator. The Ringer decided to celebrate summer as prime “good bad movie” season by rolling off a list of the 50 best of the lot. But to get that 50, the writers used a somewhat scientific approach, based on the following formula:

(CR / RT ) X PO = GBS

Wherein CR stands for cultural relevance (determined by Google hits), RT stands for Rotten Tomatoes score, and PO stands for pubic opinion, gauged by polling the Ringer‘s readership. The resulting “Good Bad Scores” helped create the list. The formula appears to have done a bang-up job, as the list includes good bad movies we all love like Dante’s Peak, Anaconda, and Deep Blue Sea. As Andrew Gruttadaro puts it …

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