Great Job, Internet!: This man wanted to be on Ellen so bad he built his own set and hired an Ellen look-alike

Lucas Jacobiak is a Polish motivational speaker who believes in the fine art of visualization. In the motivational speaker universe, this can attain quasi-mystical properties; The Secret portends that geniuses throughout history believed in themselves so strongly that they were able to alter the fabric of reality.

In an attempt to show how well visualization works, Jacobiak decided to visualize his dream of appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He did it on a scale that has to be seen to be believed, filming a fictional prologue, recreating the entire Ellen set, hiring an Ellen impersonator, and then conducting a 20-minute interview complete with skits, canned laughter, and funny dancing.

There is a metatextual element to the entire thing, when in the visualization they are talking about how he filmed a visualization that got him on the show. At one point the Ellen impersonator talks to a version of herself …

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