Great Job, Internet!: This magazine-length parody of The New Yorker deserves a Pulitzer

Ah, The New Yorker. The paragon of redoubtable journalism and prestige culture for any good upper-crust liberal intellectual who turns down their nose at those guttersnipes publishing Time. Actually, it really is pretty awesome, from the political editorials to the lengthy writer-at-large pieces to the criticism. Some of us might have more than one copy of it sitting on our desk at this very minute. And some of us may further tend to average about three issues read a month, because there’s always that one you never quite find the time to get around to. Until you realize it contains that profile of Lena Dunham everyone’s talking about, and then you have to go dig it out from under the pile of papers to recycle. But we digress.

The point is, you can’t do a great parody of something you don’t know very well, which is …

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