Great Job, Internet!: This little puppet mastered Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” on drums, so what’s your excuse?

For decades now, Rush’s Neil Peart has been the technical maestro against whom many an aspiring young drummer has compared their skills. There’s not a week that goes by in the world without somebody, somewhere, trying and failing to master the drum part to “La Villa Strangiato”—often with an equally exasperated guitar player standing nearby, gnashing their together in frustration. But now comes evidence that even puppets can master Neil Peart drums parts—meaning you’re all out of excuses.

YouTube contributor Ricky Syers brings us this testimonial to the “practice makes perfect” method, demonstrating that, given enough time, even someone manning a puppet can play Rush’s biggest hit to near-perfection. The puppet, named Chops, may not look much like Peart—it bears much greater resemblance to the guy who played hacky sack on the quad all last semester—but it seems to have this song …

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