Great Job, Internet!: This Lady Gaga-Sound Of Music mashup is about to be one of your favorite things

During last year’s Oscar ceremony, Lady Gaga paid tribute to The Sound Of Music, and pretty much everyone loved it. Everyone, it turned out, including the actual U.K. cast of The Sound Of Music, who got together and paid a little tribute of their own, doing a version of the play they called The Sound Of Gaga that features Gaga’s music. Maria sings “Paparazzi,” Liesl and Rolf dance to “Edge Of Glory,” and the wedding scene is set to “Bad Romance.”

According to videographer Anton Belmonté, the whole thing was actually shot last spring, and wasn’t meant for general release because they hadn’t gotten a release from the Rodgers and Hammerstein estate. To everyone’s surprise, a video of the performance popped up online earlier this week.

Lady Gaga was thrilled by the video, as are we all. Hopefully they can get clearance and take …

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