Great Job, Internet!: This Kubrick-Lynch mashup is the stuff of nightmares

Have you ever thought, “I wish The Shining was weirder, scarier, and more intense—and also had more synthesizers”? We can’t imagine many have, but in case your nightmares aren’t visceral enough, a video from Richard Vezina envisions what The Shining would look like had another auteur, David Lynch, directed it instead of Stanley Kubrick.

The video mashup “Blue Shining” overlays and inserts scenes and images from Wild At Heart, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and more into the 1980 Kubrick classic. For example, Twin Peaks‘ ubiquitous logging trucks roll by outside the office window as the violent history of the Overlook is explained to Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance, and Eraserhead‘s Lady In The Radiator is doubled to replace the ghost twin girls at the end of one Danny Torrance’s rides through the hotel’s hallways …

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