Great Job, Internet!: This kid solves a Rubik’s cube in six freaking seconds

Let’s be clear: Six seconds is not enough time to do anything, really. It’s not enough time to open a box of Mike & Ikes properly. It’s not enough time to chew and swallow a Dorito. It’s barely even enough time to count to six. On the list of things you can do in six seconds, the number of them that are more satisfying than, say, automatic functions like breathing is vanishingly small.

And yet here’s Australian teen Feliks Zemdegs solving a Rubik’s Cube in fewer than six seconds. It’s an appalling miracle that puts the processing speed of the rest of our brains to shame. This past weekend, the frighteningly fast young man won the Rubik’s Cube World Championship for the second year in a row. We had to watch the video twice before we could process what happened, because honestly …

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