Great Job, Internet!: This is what a whole wall of pop culture cereal boxes looks like

By day, Gabe Fonseca is a television writer whose credits include Wizards Of Waverly Place and Private Practice. But in his free time, he’s established himself as one of YouTube’s preeminent experts on breakfast cereal, even doing a web series about the topic called Cereal Time. In addition to reviewing particular cereals, he also collects interesting and vintage cereal boxes from the recent and distant past. And what, exactly, does a collector do with all those cardboard containers with their colorful graphics, bold lettering, and bug-eyed cartoon mascots? As detailed in the latest episode of Cereal Time, Fonseca chose to arrange his sugar-frosted storehouse into a massive, color-coordinated wall, affixing the individual boxes with magnets to sheets of metal in an otherwise-disused room of his home. He even used photo-mosaic software to achieve an optimal pattern. The effect of seeing all these cereal boxes carefully arranged into a …

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