Great Job, Internet!: This is Gold Leader saying “fuck” in an original Star Wars outtake

When Rogue One came out last year, fans were surprised to see the original actors who played Red Leader (Drewe Henley) and Gold Leader (Angus MacInnes) in A New Hope briefly turn up to attack Scarif’s Shield Gate near the end of the film. Unlike the movie’s “Peter Cushing,” the pilots didn’t look like CGI ghouls: director Gareth Edwards had found footage of Henley and MacInnes that Lucas left on the cutting room floor, digitized and altered it, and fit the shots seamlessly into his film.

However, it’s now clear there was a bit of old footage Edwards left tragically unused:

Revealed by Industrial Light & Magic’s John Knoll at the Star Wars Celebration Orlando last week, the clip catches MacInnes doing what countless actors do when they screw up a line. But to anyone who’s seen A New Hope one or two hundred …

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