Great Job, Internet!: This Harmontown listener’s web comic is a love letter to podcasts

There is a pervading aspect of loneliness to our current age of personal media. It seems designed to close us off from the world while simultaneously opening us up to a wealth of new and amazing things. While there is real therapy to be found in putting in earbuds or slipping on a pair of cans to drown out the noise of the world, it is also a pointedly solitary affair. Listening to podcasts, however, presents a way to alleviate that sense of disconnect, allowing the listener to tap into the ad hoc communities that form around each program as it grows in popularity.

In coming to terms with this satellite tribalism, illustrator and web comic creator Miranda Harmon created Harmontown, a beautiful piece of self-contained sequential art that taps into the intensely personal connection she developed for the Harmontown podcast. The non-comic Harmontown is that raucous hour of freewheeling …

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