Great Job, Internet!: This guy recasts movies with vintage actors, gives them appropriate posters

Some of our best quantum models suggest that there may well be an infinite number of alternate universes, with infinite variation in degree of difference from our own reality. While we’re not saying definitively that New York-based illustrator and designer Peter Stults has his own personal wormhole and is plucking movie posters from other dimensions, we’re not refuting the idea either.

Stults, whose body of work also includes magazine covers and proposed alternative posters for current movies, has spent the past several years recasting movies from the last few decades with vintage actors, and then designing posters for those movies that look like they came straight out of the relevant era. The often inspired casting choices—fellow Draculas Frank Langella and Christopher Lee fill the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis roles in a ’70s version of Looper; Reservoir Dogs becomes a Rat Pack vehicle; The Expendables III, a …

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