Great Job, Internet!: This guy made The Late Show With Stephen Colbert set out of Legos

Stephen Colbert’s set has always been an important part of his television personality, whether we’re talking about the self-praising environment found on The Colbert Report or the often projected-upon ceiling of The Late Show. Colbert also uses his space well, finding a purpose for every corner of it and effectively making it a character on the show. Lego artist Maxwell Bauman decided to pay tribute to The Late Show set the best way he knows how: by recreating it brick by brick with Lego.

Above is Bauman’s rendition, and here’s a photo of the actual set for comparison purposes:

Charlie Day and Stephen Colbert on The Late Show (Image: CBS)

We’re not going to get on Bauman’s case for not finding millimeter-sized Lego bricks to accurately put the show’s logo on the front of Colbert’s desk, and we’re also going to …

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