Great Job, Internet!: This Groundhog Day, why not relive the making of Groundhog Day?

In early 1992, a Hollywood film crew led by director Harold Ramis descended upon the quiet community of Woodstock, Illinois to film Groundhog Day, a quirky comedy in which Bill Murray plays a vain, selfish weatherman who ultimately becomes a better, more thoughtful human being after being trapped in a strange time loop, reliving February 2 over and over again for years before being allowed to rejoin the normal flow of time. Though the plot revolves around Pennsylvania’s famous Groundhog Day ceremony, Woodstock stands in for Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in the completed film, since the quaint, old-fashioned location better resembles the charming small town described in Danny Rubin’s original script. Its connection to Groundhog Day remains a point of pride for Woodstock, especially as the film has garnered a reputation as a classic through television airings and home video, even being added to the United States National Film Registry …

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