Great Job, Internet!: This giant billboard made of yarn is #WithHer

It’s one thing to show your support for a presidential candidate with a T-shirt or a hat. It’s another to stitch a 16-by-46-foot billboard made entirely of yarn. But Polish-American artist Olek did just that, enlisting 38 volunteers (all but two of them women) to craft a giant, pink #ImWithHer banner that now hangs a few hundred yard before the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in New Jersey. Olek posted a video of the surprisingly majestic unveiling on Twitter.

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According to The New Yorker, the knit billboard contains a total of 794,880 stitches. Olek first came up with the idea in January because, as she explains, “A lot of artists had at one point been doing pro-Bernie art, and a lot since were doing anti-Trump art, but there simply had not been much pro-Hillary art.” But she initially decided it would be too political and …

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