Great Job, Internet!: This Game Of Thrones fan theory predicts a tragic end for Jaime and Cersei

Perhaps high on the joy of correctly predicting Jon Snow’s return from the dead, Game Of Thrones fans have been extra exuberant with their theories this year. But unlike Jon Snow’s resurrection, most of these predictions haven’t come to pass: Hodor isn’t a horse. Arya doesn’t have a stalker nor was she in disguise nor is she the same person as the Waif. Cleganebowl is off the table, and Lady Stoneheart doesn’t look like it’s happening on the show either. But, hey, as long as the internet keeps cooking up weird theories, we’re happy to keep reporting on them, because you never know which one could turn out to be the correct “Hodor means ‘hold the door’” prediction.

This latest theory centers on Jaime and Cersei Lannister, loving siblings in more ways than one. The theory has popped up on multiple Reddit …

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