Great Job, Internet!: This face morph project proves all classic rock bands look alike

Most of us like to think of our favorite bands as a united front. We picture them as best friends, sharing good times and bad, more as one singular collective than an assortment of individual people with their own disparate lives. The Monkees as opposed to Oasis, if you will. It’s often a disappointment to realize that bands are rarely as close as we imagine them to be, and that it’s only in our minds they form a sole entity, like some sort of musical Voltron.

Your mind now has some help in that whole “E pluribus unum” process. Thanks to the magic of face composition software, your favorite classic rock bands have now had all of their members morphed into a single facial representative of the group. Some of these are spot-on: The Beatles look pretty much how you’d expect them to, if an evil villain …

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