Great Job, Internet!: This election proves Facebook is the world’s biggest, worst news source

As pundits debrief the election they completely failed to predict, and much of the general population reels in dismay, searching for sources of proactive resistance, many in the media are now staring in the mirror, wondering how to fix the growing problem of Facebook. At 1.18 billion users, Facebook is now the de facto most powerful news service in the world—and as we have discussed before, it is chock-full of horseshit. A week ago, the discussion centered around this as a “post-fact” election, a frankly insane notion backed up by a Pew Research Center report that 81 percent of partisans disagree about “basic facts.” A BuzzFeed report from earlier this year investigated the Facebook pages seen by both the left and the right, and found that patently false stories comprised 20 percent and 38 percent of their respective feeds. This problem was only exacerbated in August, when Facebook …

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