Great Job, Internet!: This documentary explores why Russians are still in love with Putin

In the West, the perception of Vladimir Putin consistently straddles the line between malicious dictator whose political actions echo the brutality of the KGB and a cartoonish oligarch, riding around on a horse with his shirt off. But what do people in the Motherland actually think of their leader? The iron curtain fell almost 30 years ago and yet our understanding of Russian patriotism at home is still largely limited to flashbacks in select episodes of The Americans. You have to wonder, 17 years into his rule, is there still actually love for Putin?

The answer, as Shaun Walker from The Guardian discovered, is largely yes. Despite the fact that issues surrounding the economy, infrastructure, and corruption in Russia remain largely the same, the general public not only supports Putin but thinks he’s doing everything right.

Walker visited the city of Irkutsk in the far eastern region of Siberia …

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