Great Job, Internet!: This DC Comics Style Guide showcases a happily employed Justice League

It’s hard to keep track of superheroes these days. DC had to press the reset button with the “New 52,” but that still doesn’t solve the problem of Batman’s countless sidekicks, protégés, and offspring, and we’re still seeing weird offshoot Supermen. Meanwhile, Marvel is trying to bring an end to its endless plague of infinite universes with Secret Wars, a crossover event that‘s even more complex than the Spider-Verse storyline. That’s to say nothing of the constant reboots, resets, and reimagining of cinematic superheroes.

That plurality of vision is definitely a good thing; mainstream comics are affording more creative choices for artists and writers than ever before. But sometimes you just want to go back to the good old days, when Wolverine’s spandex and Aquaman’s hair were the same ridiculous lemon yellow hue, before Rob Liefeld violated the laws of human proportions …

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