Great Job, Internet!: This browser extension shows how biased your social media feed is

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the internet isolates us into an echo chamber of agreement, rarely putting us in contact with ideas that might challenge us. In response to this, Princeton computer science student Zachary Liu has created a Chrome extension called PolitEcho that quickly analyzes a person’s Facebook data and then spits out some color-coded charts showing just how far to the left or right it leans. This individual, for instance, is receiving a surplus of left-leaning media:


The browser extension works by assigning individual ratings to everyone in the user’s friends list. Those ratings, in turn, are based on which pages those people have liked in the past. Have they given the thumbs up to Barack Obama, NPR, and Huffington Post? Then they get moved to the left. Liking Rush Limbaugh, Rand Paul, and Fox News will move them to the right …

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