Great Job, Internet!: This Baby-Sitters Club/Girls mash-up is a study in female friendships

From the late ’80s through the ’90s, Ann M. Martin churned out hundreds of books about a group of preteen friends and their after school job. With its focus on female friendships and monetary woes, The Baby-Sitters Club is in many ways a proto version of Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls—just without all the anilingus. Since did so well with its True Detective/Hard Boys mash-up, the site reimagined some iconic Baby-Sitters Club covers with the characters and themes from Girls.

With titles like Hannah And The OCD Relapse, Adam’s Questionable Sanity, and Watch Out, Marnie’s A Clinger, the mash-ups bring together 1980s preteen angst with millennial ennui. And while the covers don’t cast the Girls characters as consistent Baby-Sitters Club members, we’ll go ahead and do it for you: Hannah is defacto leader/don’t-give-a-fuck tomboy Kristy; Marnie is the always-perfect …

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