Great Job, Internet!: This artist looks at Walmart and sees the beauty lurking there

Connecticut-based artist Brendan O’Connell specializes in paintings of “everyday life” and “everyday activities,” and he found plenty of both at Walmart, the nation’s largest grocery retailer as well as the biggest company on the planet. Inspired by what he saw in these “big box” stores, O’Connell took to capturing Walmart moments on canvas, immortalizing the shoppers, the employees, and the aisles of colorful, discounted merchandise. This painter’s unusual work is the subject of a thoughtful and engaging short film called Brendan O’Connell Is Blocking The Bread Aisle, directed by Julien Lasseur. Contrary to viewers’ expectations, O’Connell is not using his paintings to mock Walmart or its customers. Instead, he attempts to find the beauty and humanity inherent these ubiquitous retail centers. With over 11,000 locations worldwide, the chain certainly provides the artist with plenty of material. These stores are everywhere. Why not paint …

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