Great Job, Internet!: Things go horribly wrong for the original Ghostbusters in this dark short

Concern about a new Ghostbusters film makes for strange bedfellows. There are the folks who treasure the beloved classic, men’s rights activists braying over the insult of an all-female reboot, people who are worried about Aykroyd going ahead with his own Murray-free sequel, and anybody who read Max Landis’ “Origin Of Slimer” film treatment for Ghostbusters III.

YouTube’s Mashed has given voice to those who fret over the fate of the original team of Spengler, Stantz, Venkman, and Zeddemore by showing just how perilous any new adventures could be. Competing against a younger, bro-ier version of “New Ghostbusters,” the original team of paranormal eliminators answer a call to investigate a spooky old orphanage. From there, things take a dark turn, as the team faces off against an assortment of monsters who have figured in film since the Ghostbusters last left theaters. Drowned J-Horror girls are a lot scarier …

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