Great Job, Internet!: They should have sent a Twitter bot poet

We finish up today’s Great Job, Internet! tour of the Twitter bot world—the first two entries in our little series covered a TV-captioning bot and a headline-writing bot, among others—with some computer-generated poetry. No doubt the phrase “computer-generated poetry,” which bristles with the promise of fun and excitement, has already captured your interest. But we’ll elaborate nonetheless.

The Snowball Poetry bot creates one snowball poem each day. Among verse hobbyists—and who among us doesn’t count themselves a verse hobbyist—a snowball is a poem in which each word is one letter longer than the last. I do see that these limits quickly escalate, producing (frequently) ineloquence. But the fun of a restricted language exercise like this is to see the strange new ways the English language can be twisted into something resembling coherent thought. Here, Snowball Poetry seems to lapse into an “if I …

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