Great Job, Internet!: These stock photos of adults smoking weed are terrifying

There are numerous anti-marijuana campaigns out there looking to convey the horrors that might befall someone who decides to take a puff or two at any point in their life. There have been commercials, posters, and films that paint marijuana usage as a gateway to other drugs, a poor life choice that will make you stupid and unlovable, or—worst-case scenario—so hysterical that you’ll jump out of a window or commit murder.

As great as those hysteria-inducing pieces of propaganda might be, no anti-marijuana campaign is as legitimately terrifying as Supercompressor’s collection of stock photos showing adults smoking weed. Becoming paranoid and suicidal is one thing, but turning into a middle-aged human who tokes while playing Jenga, or while editing a diary entry in bed? That’s enough to scare anyone away from the sticky icky for good. Weed hasn’t been this frightening since The Big …

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