Great Job, Internet!: These old Nathan Fielder fake news segments show the seeds of Nathan For You

As the third season of Nathan For You comes to an end, “Nathan Fielder,” as played by creator and star Nathan Fielder, has crystallized into one of most brilliant and singular comic creations in years. He, like the show itself, is also hard to explain to a non-fan: “He’s really awkward and deadpan, and he’s lovable even though he’s kind of a jerk to people.” “Like the Bazinga guy from The Big Bang Theory?” Nothing succinct can really convey the character’s bizarre yet somehow airtight logic, or his and his show’s unique, humanistic blend of cynicism and earnestness.

True Nath-heads, though, understand exactly what makes Nathan For You and its title character so great. Alongside the bizarre logic and awkwardness stands his craven capitalism, his desperate grasping for love and validation, and his total disinterest in social conventions. The real Fielder once explained to Tom …

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