Great Job, Internet!: These hyper-realistic Ren and Stimpy masks are hyper-disgusting

A few years ago, a cartoonist imagined what a modern-day Hollywood reboot of popular Nickelodeon characters might look like. Now, we’re getting one more indebted to the likes of Lloyd Kaufman and David Cronenberg.

Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel just hit up this year’s Monsterpalooza, a special effects and makeup convention; there, he caught up with sculptor Andrew Freeman, who was there flaunting this most unholy of projects. As if The Ren & Stimpy Show wasn’t gross enough already, this dude went and created masks that bring to horrifying life every sore, flap, and wrinkle of the repulsive duo:

Made almost entirely from silicone, the masks feature boogers, rotten teeth, and an abundance of broken blood vessels. Particularly amusing are the wisps of hair atop Ren’s rumpled head. If you’re not too busy retching, Freeman’s discussion of their creation is worth your time …

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