Great Job, Internet!: These clay horror movie posters are adorably terrifying

Clay is a medium generally associated with lovable, friendly, harmless characters like Mr. Bill; Wallace and Gromit; and those singing, dancing California Raisins. But U.K. artist and prop maker Lizzie Campbell has gone in a decidedly different, more threatening direction with her clay work, which is far removed from the safety and piety of Davey And Goliath. At her spooky, fun Instagram account, appropriately called Clay Disarray, Campbell has used her clay molding skills to recreate the posters for a variety of creepy and disturbing movies, including Donnie Darko, The Blair Witch Project, Eraserhead, and A Clockwork Orange. Along the way, the artist has created a succession of killers, monsters, freaks, and psychopaths far worse than any Blockheads that Gumby and Pokey ever had to face. Here, for instance, is Campbell’s blood-drenched rendition of the title character from Carrie. The telekinetic teen looks as determined and wide-eyed as …

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