Great Job, Internet!: These CGI-free movie shots reveal the awkwardness of the green screen

It’s common knowledge that there’s a lot of unglamorous acting and staging required to create the awe-inspiring, computer-enhanced chase scenes, explosions, and stunts in today’s Hollywood blockbusters. This gallery of CGI-free movie shots, however, highlights just how incredibly awkward it is to make the digital magic happen, whether it’s actors wearing form-fitting full-body suits in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest; one-sided shooting scenes into a green screen for Resident Evil: Retribution; or the tiny, pockmark-like targets glued to Harvey Dent’s face so he can morph into Two-Face in The Dark Knight. Actors and actresses have a difficult enough time getting into character and interacting with each other; having to learn how to maneuver through blank spaces and interact with absent after-effects as well makes their jobs even tougher. See a selection of CGI-free scenes below.


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