Great Job, Internet!: These are the worst cats on the internet

There are many good cats on the internet. There are celebrity cats like Lil Bub, mysterious spectral cats like Maru, there are many funny videos of cats, there are cartoon cats, there are cats who are hanging from trees. There are baby cats. Recently, dogs may have overtaken cats in internet popularity, but cats are still the lingua franca of the internet.

Thus, while the programmer Christopher Hesse has used Google’s machine learning technology to create a tool that will translate line drawings of buildings and handbags into realistic photographs, we are only concerned with his cat-creating toy. Hesse’s program scanned some 2,000 images of cats, and uses what it learned from the relationships of those images to translate your simple line drawing into a monstrous blob of fur and eyes.

Here are the A.V. Club‘s adorable crew of furballs, many of which seem to …

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