Great Job, Internet!: These architectural portraits of writers would make terrific dorm posters

Imagine if a literature major, an art major, and an architecture major were all sharing the same cramped dorm room and were deciding on how best to decorate their shared living space. Could one piece of artwork satisfy all three of them? Yes, potentially, if it came from Spanish artist Federico Babina’s Archiwriter series. For these 27 images, Babina has taken certain titles and quotes associated with famous authors, including William Shakespeare and Ernest Hemingway, and affixed them to architectural designs, as if the writers themselves were building physical structures with their words. To be sure, this is a high-concept idea, which may be difficult to grasp without actually viewing some of Babina’s work. For example, here is Babina’s symbolic, impressionistic treatment of Charles Bukowski: a forlorn-looking hovel with lonely fire escapes and tacky neon signs, all rendered against a puke green backdrop, perfect for aspiring alcoholics …

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