Great Job, Internet!: There’s a whole new world of crazy bootleg Disney video games

In his relentless quest to bring viewers the worst and weirdest that video games have to offer, reviewer Jon Jafari has devoted the latest episode of his popular JonTron webseries to some bootleg games based on classic Walt Disney films. These games, principally from China, are as shameless and baffling as they are frustrating. One phony Lion King game seems to be based more on The Jungle Book and includes “The Bare Necessities” on the soundtrack. Another, mysteriously titled Lion King 5, has Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa committing suicide whenever they lose. And then there’s the final round, in which Simba rides atop a blimp adorned with a swastika. “The final boss was confronting the Nazi inside all of us,” Jafari concludes. A bootleg Mulan game goes on a sci-fi tangent, with the title character somehow winding up on “Snow Planet.” One of the most amusing finds in the …

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