Great Job, Internet!: There’s a hidden Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever episode on AdultSwim’s website

If the surprisingly poignant “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever” finale was too deep for you, don’t you worry. Hidden on the Adult Swim website is a full length follow-up episode called “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” (We linked directly to it, but it’s not that hard to find.) The episode is more or less vintage Aqua Teen, with multiple killings, ridiculous dialogue, callbacks to past moments, classic villain cameos, and even Christopher Lambert. (So, yes, there are more great Highlander debates.)

The episode primarily focuses on the ”Forever” part of the title, with Master Shake and Meatwad following the word of the “Bibble” in an attempt to achieve a religious awakening, while Frylock and Carl bathe in some immortality shampoo and attempt to Jackass their way to internet fame. It’s fairly funny, although it’s a bit disappointing to [spoiler!] see Shake killed within the last four …

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