Great Job, Internet!: There is a Facebook page that is just things full of beans that shouldn’t be

Who else recalls those halcyon carnivals and elementary school fairs where doe-eyed cherubs gathered ‘round a jar filled with jellybeans, each trying to guess the exact amount in the hopes of winning a prize? Some guessed 100, some a million, while the exact answer existed in some ephemeral space in between.

Alas, those jars are now gone, replaced, like most things, by the weirdest shit the internet can conjure. In this case, it’s a Facebook page called “Things full of beans that shouldn’t be full of beans.” It is exactly what it sounds like, though it should be noted that these beans are not of the jelly variety, nor even the dry kind. Rather, these are baked beans, uncanny when placed in the context of anything that isn’t a stacked plate of BBQ.

“Some things shouldn’t have beans in them, but they do,” the page writes …

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