Great Job, Internet!: There are more Chicago Bears fans than actual bears

More often than not, if someone is yelling, “Go bears!” in the wild, that person is a fan of Chicago’s football team, not cheering on the entire wild species (unless that person has Timothy Treadwell tendencies). But the comparison got ambitious Reddit user TwentyThreeEightyOne wondering: Are there more Bears fans than actual bears? He went on to compare the number of fans of each NFL team to the number of the team’s namesakes that actually exist. Well, all but one.

Redskins: I’m not touching this one.

In cases such as the Buccaneers, the results were easy to calculate: There are around 2.7 million fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but exactly zero 17th- to 18th-century pirates still alive. Some teams required a bit more research. While looking for a comparison to the Cleveland Browns (who have 3,738,429 supporters, despite their haplessness), the user combed …

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