Great Job, Internet!: The You’ve Got Mail website lives on as a tribute to love and outdated web design

Pretty much everybody who was alive in 1998 fondly recalls You’ve Got Mail, both the email notification noise and the Nora Ephron film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. We’re specifically talking about the movie, though, which updated the classic star-crossed romance of The Shop Around The Corner for the go-go ‘90s by introducing then-modern concepts like “AOL” and “unstoppable corporate bookstore chains”—neither of which are really around anymore. One thing that is still around these days, though, is the official You’ve Got Mail website, which is just as much of a relic now as Meg Ryan’s beloved, independent book store was in the movie.

The website, which is tucked away at, has an animated introduction, information about the main characters, and an array of downloadable screensavers, desktop patterns, and webcards. You can even download AOL Instant Messenger and use it to …

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