Great Job, Internet!: The Witch is a different kind of horror movie and that’s okay

The past few years have seen a bit of a boom in art-house horror flicks, the three most prominent being The Babadook, It Follows, and The Witch. And while they’re very clearly different films, these three supernatural tales have at least one thing in common: very disparate and impassioned reactions from audiences. Daily Grindhouse and Medium contributor Jason Coffman posted an excellent piece over the weekend discussing horror cinema, the notion of gatekeeping, and the audience’s quest for new and interesting scares. Barbara Crampton—star of Re-Animator and From Beyond—commented on the piece, and if that doesn’t lend credence, than nothing will.

In his article, Coffman expertly articulates the need for films like The Witch “in a film landscape where studio horror has become increasingly dependent on cheap ‘found footage’ productions, sequels, and the odd film based on a board game.” While careful not to fall …

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