Great Job, Internet!: The wit and wisdom of Joey Tribbiani

While starting out as a one-dimensional “How you doin’?” character on the juggernaut sitcom Friends, Joey Tribbiani, as portrayed by Matt LeBlanc, soon blossomed into a cast highlight. Although it’s possible that he just improved by comparison as other characters got progressively worse over the course of Friends’ 10 seasons, like whiny Ross, OCD Monica, and Princess Rachel. In the face of such madness, Joey could always be relied upon to add some sage, sound reasoning to the Friends proceedings.

Uproxx has now helpfully compiled a list comprised of Joey’s greatest works. The 15 included quotes carefully outline Joey’s top priorities: girls and food, especially sandwiches. Joey can also show you what to do if the fridge breaks, how to get the best of your roommate in a chair fight (by wearing everything they own), and why you shouldn’t be afraid of a dessert item that …

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