Great Job, Internet!: The whole internet loves Dancing Hot Dog, a lovely hot dog that dances

Snapchat—which you either use all the time or view with an uneasy skepticism, vaguely certain that it could kill you or someday lead to your incompatibility with human communication—is best known for its powerful, playful filters. There’s flower-crown filter, rainbow-vomit filter, puppy-face filter, and so on. Recently, they introduced a break-dancing hot dog filter, and it has lead to some extremely fucked up shit. Here it is just grooving:

Here it is dying:

— ♡brittany♡ (@brittany_melone) July 4, 2017

Here it is growing to god-like proportions in an attempt to swallow you whole:

snapchat got a hot dog so I was like what does this boi do

— MARINA IS TOP WAIFU (@fluffysmolcloud) July 5, 2017

There is no explanation for the hot dog, nor what that huge-ass bed of relish it’s laying in is, or even what song it …

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