Great Job, Internet!: The visual effects in Game Of Thrones’ battle of Hardhome, deconstructed

Game Of Thrones’ Battle Of Hardhome was, without a doubt, the biggest throwdown in the fifth season of the HBO show. And now, Spanish VFX company El Ranchito has deconstructed the whole thing, demonstrating how the show used green screens, neon spandex, and other effects magic to convince viewers that nothing is more terrifying than thousands of wights attacking the Wildlings and the Night’s Watch as the White Walkers watch atop their undead horses.

El Ranchito released a five-minute video that breaks down the most chilling moments from “Hardhome,” including the invasion of the wight army, Jon Snow shattering a White Walker with Longclaw, and Wun Wun the giant tearing a wight in half.

[Via The Daily Dot]

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