Great Job, Internet!: The true tale of the A.V. Club staffer who became one of Buffy’s scariest monsters

When the Sydney Opera House invited The A.V. Club to participate in its inaugural BingeFest—a 24-hour celebration of pop culture held this past December—I reached into my dusty improviser’s toolbox and took a general “Yes, and?” approach to the entire endeavor. Because when was I ever going to get any of these opportunities again?

Take a trip to Australia in the middle of December, which is traditionally the busiest time of year for The A.V. Club and way too close to the Christmas holiday? Yes, and I’ll add to that typically massive workload by preparing part of a presentation called, no joke, “All The TV You Should’ve Watched By Now.” Assemble a night-long Buffy The Vampire Slayer marathon with The A.V. Club‘s two biggest Buffy fans, a subject sure to breed as much conflict and hurt feelings as much as it …

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