Great Job, Internet!: The trailer for Casino Royale, remade in groovy ’60s style

While the world may be all aflutter about that new Spectre trailer, the internet has decided to look back on an earlier James Bond adventure—way back. Steve Ramsden has taken the original soundtrack and look for 1967’s Casino Royale trailer and repurposed it for the 2006 version of the film with the same name. The result is a trailer that restores the original zany goofball feeling, now applied to intense scenes of testicular torture.

While Casino Royale (2006) remade Bond in a post-Jason Bourne era as a serious weapon of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, there is something charming about the madcap nature of the incongruous music joining with the otherwise serious images from the film. While the sound effects and music work during the lovemaking, this mashup definitively shows that all parkour scenes would greatly benefit from a peppy horn section to really make them swing.

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