Great Job, Internet!: The time has come to cast the Trump collusion movie

Struggling screenwriters across the globe are already on the second or third drafts of their Trump screenplays. Some might focus on the campaign, others a “damsel in distress” narrative about Melania, and others still a raunchy sex comedy about the infamous, elusive “piss tape.” The wisest among them, however, are fine-tuning their scripts to address the ever-growing pile of evidence pointing toward the “collusion” between Trump’s team and the Russian government, the latest of which involves his greasy spawn, Donald Jr.

Anticipation for such a project has already reached Hollywood. Yesterday, Flight Of The Conchords‘ Jemaine Clement took to Twitter to begin casting the thing. His twist? Only the industry’s infinitesimal gaggle of Trump supporters are eligible. To start, he offered up perhaps the most talented of Trump’s supporters in loony, one-time Porsche enthusiast James Woods, who he slotted in the role of Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s …

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