Great Job, Internet!: The Straight Outta Cooperstown Tumblr combines baseball, hip-hop

Hip-hop lyrics frequently reference baseball slang, terminology, and the game’s greatest players. This phenomenon did not escape the Photoshop wizards behind the new Tumblr Straight Outta Cooperstown, whose tagline says it all: “A mashup of Hall of Famers from America’s two favorite pastimes.” The site’s mergers of vintage baseball cards with rap’s most enduring personalities produce players such as Cardinals great Lou Brock Shakur, or that fierce Cubs slugger Andre Dawson 3000, and (of course) Boston Red Sox stalwart Jim Rice Cube. There’s even Joe Torreous B.I.G., the irascible but lovable Yankees manager. A few of our favorites are below, but the entire Tumblr is on the mark.

Lou Brock Shakur:

Jay Z Stengel:

Bob Leminem:

Joe Torreous B.I.G.:

Jim Rice Cube:

Kanye Mack:

(h/t Matthew Leach)

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