Great Job, Internet!: The story behind the revolutionary slogan Jonathan Demme hid in his movies

Most great directors have their quirky trademarks, but few are as esoteric as “A Luta Continua,” the Portuguese-language political slogan that appears at the very end of the credits of four movies directed by the late Jonathan Demme: Something Wild, Married To The Mob, Silence Of The Lambs, and Philadelphia. To the few who sit all the way through the credits, the phrase probably looks like little more than behind-the-scenes gobbledygook, right up there with the International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees labor union logo, the legal disclaimers, and the MPAA registration. And even that tiny minority of viewers that recognizes the reference would be baffled, because “A Luta Continua” (“The Struggle Continues”) was the slogan of the independence movement in Mozambique. What’s it doing in the end credits of a bunch of American movies? And what’s that little figure next to it?

“A Luta Continua” at the …

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