Great Job, Internet!: The stocking stuffer no one asked for: Inside Llewyn Davis trading cards

In the grand scheme of Coen brothers movies, Inside Llewyn Davis seems destined to be beloved by a small camp of diehards. Like A Serious Man or Hail, Caesar!, its pleasures evade most on early viewings. Some of these, like Barton Fink, eventually develop a reputation as august as any of the more universally agreed-upon Coen classics. Maybe it just takes a quarter century.

Anyway, for that early-adopter Inside Llewyn Davis cultist in your family, here is a set of lovingly created baseball cards featuring the film’s characters. It was made by cartoonist and writer Stephen Winchell and writer and editor Grayson Davis, and they did so with a deep reverence for the source material. “I hope nobody thinks we’re doing this ironically,” Davis told Brightest Young Things. “Go see Inside Llewyn Davis if you haven’t.”

After you have, thrill to the 40 scenes recreated here.

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