Great Job, Internet!: The scientifically accurate CatDog is a horrifying abomination

Dogs and cats have a notoriously antagonistic relationship, so much so that the idea of a harmonious relationship between the two furry species is one that’s been turned into a rote comedic beat. But, in late-’90s, Nickelodeon dared to dream, creating CatDog, the show about a half-cat, half-dog hybrid that gave kids a reason to believe in the impossible. Of course, that impossibility has only been highlighted with the existence of the scientifically accurate CatDog video. In it, the grotesque creation is seen having its insides leak fluid constantly, with the animosity between the animals bringing about their eventual, and inevitable, demise. As the bouncy narrative jingle points out, an actual CatDog would be living off antibiotics and its “short life would be a nightmare hell,” ruining all of Nickelodeon’s feel-good illusions in one 90-second video.

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